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Dave Gardner - It's Bigger Than Both Of Us 1963

On: Friday, May 4, 2012

Dave Gardner
David Gardner
aka Brother Dave Gardner
Jackson, Tennessee USA
Jun 11 1926 - Sep 22 1983 age 57

The only real question is: from which planet did Brother Dave Gardner start out to get to our moon in the first place? One thing for certain, he is now in a world of his own. So popular is this world that Dave now has several imitators and, while they are – at times – funny, it is only the original, the Dixie Pixie, who knows how far out is "in," how far in is "out," and how down to earth is the World of Dave Gardner.
Dave is a true son of the South, born in Columbia Jackson, Tennessee. After completing his education he followed a musical bent as a drummer/vocalist of relative note. The wild Gardner sense of humor could not remain subdued, however, and soon he was with comedy bits which were so successful that he was appearing with regularity on the Jack Paar "Tonight" TV program. His first album was an instantaneous hit and Dave had both feet in the big-time. Today he gets top billing in the nation’s leading night clubs while widening his vast audience with highly lucrative one-man concerts which are always sell-outs. As we release this, Dave Gardner’s sixth album, he and his family (a lovely wife and two children) make their home in the Hollywood area of California, but the demands of command performances don’t allow him much time there.
But let’s forget the vital statistics. It is much more fun to speculate on whether Brother Dave is a mere mortal who through humor stimulates his listeners to extending their thinking along both abstract and ‘stract lines, or whether Gardner has come through space from some outer planet as a missionary of mirth. ~Album liner notes
Recorded live at The Tidelands, Houston, Texas

01 Side 1
02 Side 2 

Stand-up with a Southern bent & not PC at all! Plus Music
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