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Moms Mabley - Moms The Word 1964

On: Monday, September 30, 2013

Moms Mabley
Loretta Mary Aiken
aka Jackie Mabley
Brevard, North Carolina, USA
Mar 19 1894 – May 23 1975 age 81

Offstage Moms Mabley is a striking figure in tailored slacks, matching sports shirt, Italian shoes, horn-rimmed glasses - and teeth. She looks utterly sophisticated. Onstage, however, is a different story. She creates the impression that the theater cleaning woman has somehow wandered into the spotlight." ~ Ebony, August 1962 (and a tip-of-the-hat to Kliph Nesteroff)

01 Side One 19:40
02 Side Two
   Pray, Little Children, Pray 3:50
   Help The Bear 3:00
   That Don't Pay My Rent 1:05
   If I Had Money 2:18
   Skitty-Poo 2:10
   Lullaby Of The Leaves 3:15

Mercury MG 20907
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Andrew Dice Clay - Filth 1999

On: Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Andrew Dice Clay
Andrew Clay Silverstein
Sep 29 1957 -

Filth finds Dice straddling the line between his legendary early material and the modern 'lame dirty comic' approach of Face Down Ass Up. Disc one is definitely the weaker of the two, wasting too much time on gross-but-not-very-funny sex jokes comparable - and at times identical - to those found in abundance on Drop Your Ass And Lift Up Your Butt. Eleven minutes of dull obscene rhymes sung to corny lounge jazz, segments with titles like "My Cum" and "Bongo Pussy," and impressions of Sammy Davis Jr., Sylvester Stallone and John Travolta that all sound remarkably like Andrew Dice Clay are not on my list of Andrew Dice Clay 'must-hear's, nor is yet another serious love song (!? WHY!?!??), so a lot of this one is as eh pbbllll as a frapp blll. It certainly has some truly witty moments though, including Dice's knockout review of Little House On The Prairie (starring "Michael Douglas" -- or "Asshole Cancer"), an inexcusably graphic description of a woman performing fellatio in a Chevron bathroom, and a pair of angry rants about midgets and people with big heads (that he would later revisit on Face Butt). ~excerpt, MPrindle

01 Cliff McGiver
02 Muffet Blews 

03 Mancow
04 I Love My Fans
05 Joey Big Head
06 Midget Mania

07 Ball Gag Mania
08 Bun Pig
09 My Cum
10 Flat _ Fat Mania
11 Bongo Pussy
12 Ladies Man
13 Hobbies _ Golf _ Twat
14 Crowd Pig
15 Rag Fun
16 Olympic Mania
17 Dice Revues Little House18 My Kind Of Girl
19 The Best Is Yet To Come
20 He Said, She Said
21 Dice On Smoking
22 Chink Mania
23 Crowd Banter
24 Older _ Younger
25 Money Management
26 Clinton Rules

27 Monicunt
28 Monicunt's Fatter Friend
29 Camel Jockey Mania
30 Greeting Cards
31 Wackbag House (Remix)
32 Bird Mania
33 Florida Mania
34 More Crowd Banter
35 The Receptionist
36 Stone Cunt
37 Mother's Advice
38 Yet, More Crowd Banter
39 Dice On Comedy
40 Cheating And Hookers
41 Margot Mania
42 Walters Mania
43 Old Buddy
44 Family Man
45 Little House Unplugged
46 Chucky
47 Extra President Stuff
48 Coffee Mania
49 Computer Nerd
50 Filthy
51 Dirty, Filthy, Nasty
52 Jim Norton
53 More Jim Norton
54 It's Just Sooooo Dirty
55 Bound, Tied And Fucked
56 Dice In Vegas

* * *
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Pigmeat Markham - Pigmeat At The Party 1961

On: Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pigmeat Markham
Dewey Markham
aka David Pigmeat Markham
Durham, North Carolina, USA
Apr 18 1904 – Dec 13 1981 age 77
Official Website

01 Country Boy 10:13
02 Fast News 1:10
03 The Party 4:18
04 Love Makin' Bureau 9:46
05 The Judge 2:53
06 The Satchel 4:23\
* * *
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Gary Owens & Various Artists - The Hexorcist, A Devil Of An Album 1974

On: Friday, September 6, 2013

Gary Owens
Gary Altman
May 10, 1936 -
Official Site

Jack De Leon
Birth name
aka Christopher Weeks
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Dec 19 1924 - Oct 16 2006 age 81
Official Site
Pat Paulsen
Patrick Layton Paulsen
Jul 06 1927 - Apr 24 1997 age 69
Official Site
Patti Deutsch, Dick Gautier, Joan Gerber, Gary Miller, Dennis Flannigan, Jaye P Morgan, John Rappaport
Birth name
Official Site

If you like "Laugh-In" (or any of the many other sketch comedy or comedy/variety shows of the 1970's) and are tired of hearing the President's (Nixon's) daughters refer to him as a human being, you'll enjoy this album.
"And so the book they said could never be written was made into the movie they said could never be filmed, and we take you now to the theater they said could never be built, to the long line of people who could never get into the theater that was built to show the movie that was made from the book that was written, and all this on the record they said should never be played, and all because of me, so what do you think of that?" ~the Devil (Gary Owens)

01 In the Lobby
02 Let's Make a Deal
03 The Hexorcist
04 The Hexorcist Goes Hollywood
05 The Audition
06 At the Movies

07 The Academy Awards
08 Welcome To Hell
09 The Dybbuk
10 Eddie Demon
11 Hot Flashes

ABC DSD-50167
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