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Gary Owens & Various Artists - The Hexorcist, A Devil Of An Album 1974

On: Friday, September 6, 2013

Gary Owens
Gary Altman
May 10, 1936 -
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Jack De Leon
Birth name
aka Christopher Weeks
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Dec 19 1924 - Oct 16 2006 age 81
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Pat Paulsen
Patrick Layton Paulsen
Jul 06 1927 - Apr 24 1997 age 69
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Patti Deutsch, Dick Gautier, Joan Gerber, Gary Miller, Dennis Flannigan, Jaye P Morgan, John Rappaport
Birth name
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If you like "Laugh-In" (or any of the many other sketch comedy or comedy/variety shows of the 1970's) and are tired of hearing the President's (Nixon's) daughters refer to him as a human being, you'll enjoy this album.
"And so the book they said could never be written was made into the movie they said could never be filmed, and we take you now to the theater they said could never be built, to the long line of people who could never get into the theater that was built to show the movie that was made from the book that was written, and all this on the record they said should never be played, and all because of me, so what do you think of that?" ~the Devil (Gary Owens)

01 In the Lobby
02 Let's Make a Deal
03 The Hexorcist
04 The Hexorcist Goes Hollywood
05 The Audition
06 At the Movies

07 The Academy Awards
08 Welcome To Hell
09 The Dybbuk
10 Eddie Demon
11 Hot Flashes

ABC DSD-50167
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