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Albums Wanted Starting With "O"

Olivia Robin Tyler - Always A BridesmaidOllie Joe Prater - Renegade Whiteman 1981Omo The Hobo (Wellman W Omohundro) - Original Songs

Omo The Hobo (Wellman W Omohundro) - Party Album #5
Out Of The Closet Players - Out Of The Closet

Albums Wanted Starting With "P"

Paddy Roberts - Paddy Roberts Tries AgainPaddy Roberts - Songs for Gay DogsPaddy Roberts - Strictly For Grownups (Red)
Paddy Roberts - Strictly For Grownups (Blue)Paddy Roberts - Strictly For GrownupsPaddy Roberts - Strictly For Grownups
Pat Collins - Sleep With Pat Collins, The Hip HypnotistPat Henry - Mad Mountaineer Vol 1Pat Paulsen - Unzipped
Patsy Abbott - Yiddish Songs Mama Never Taught Me 1964Pearl Williams - She's Doin' What Comes Naturally
Paul Tex Yearout - Speaks To The Now Generation About The Stereo Generation On The High School CampusPDQ Bach - On The Air 1967Pearl Williams - 2nd Trip Around The World
Peggy Lord - Lusty Trusty Buster 1963Pepper Davis & Tony Reese - Comedy World OfPete Barbutti - Here's Pete Barbutti
Peter & Penelope Poof - Peter & Penelope Poof Have A PartyPeter Cook & Dudley Moore - The Clean TapesPeter Hnatiuk - Don't Get Married Son
Peter Hnatiuk - Hell's A Poppin'Peter Hnatiuk - You Gotta Be KiddingPeter Ritchie - Alice's Restaurant Massacree

Peter Ustinov - Reads His Own WorksPhil Tucker - All Tuckered Out
Philo Rockwell King III - Pleasure Of His ComedyPhyllis Diller - Beautiful Phyllis DillerPhyllis Diller - Great Moments Of Comedy
Phyllis Diller - What's Left Of Phyllis DillerPigmeat Markham - Anything Goes
Pigmeat Markham - Here Come The Judge Pigmeat Markham - Here Come The Judge Pigmeat Markham - Here Come The Judge
Pigmeat Markham - Hustlers 1969
Pigmeat Markham - Open The Door Richard 1964
Pigmeat Markham - Pigmeat At The Party 1961Pigmeat Markham - Pigmeat's Bag 1969Pigmeat Markham - Save Your Soul, Baby 1967
Pigmeat Markham - This'll Kill Ya 1965Pigmeat Markham - Trial
Pigmeat Markham - Will The Real Pigmeat Markham Please Sit DownPigmeat Markham - World's Greatest Clown 1963 Pigmeat Markham - Would The Real Pigmeat Markham Please Sit Down
Proctor & Bergman - What This Country Needs 1975Professor Backwards - Laugh With Professor Backwards

Professor Irwin Corey - World's Foremost AuthorityPsychiatric Study Series - Group Therapy

Albums Wanted Starting With "Q", "R"

Rachel Jordan - Life Of The Party! Fun For Grown-upsRabbi Jacob - Mad Adventures Of Rabbi JacobRalph Edwards - Let's Have A Party
Ralph Winn - Em-Bare-AssedRay Scott - LiveRalph Michaels & Duke Stewart - Punchinello's Party Platter
Rebel Playboys - Laugh Out #1Ray Scott - Prayer
Redd Foxx - A Whole Lot Of SoulRedd Foxx - Adults Only

Redd Foxx - Best Of Redd Foxx Redd Foxx - Best Of Laff 1960
Redd Foxx - Best Party FunRedd Foxx - Burlesque Humor
Redd Foxx - Crack Up 1963Redd Foxx - Dirty Redd 1973
Redd Foxx - Funky Tales From A Dirty Old JunkmanRedd Foxx - Funn 1960Redd Foxx - Have One On Me
Redd Foxx - Hearty Party LaffsRedd Foxx - He's Funny That Way 
Redd Foxx - I Ain't Lied YetRedd Foxx - I Am Curious, Black 1970Redd Foxx - In A Nutshell Vol 3 1973
Redd Foxx - Is Sex Here To StayRedd Foxx - Laff Along With Foxx 1962
Redd Foxx - Laff Of The Party Vol 3 1956Redd Foxx - Laff Of The Party Vol 3
Redd Foxx - Laff Of The Party Vol 7 1957Redd Foxx - Laff Of The Party Vol 8Redd Foxx - Laff Your Ass Off #2

Redd Foxx - Live '85Redd Foxx - Live In Las Vegas Redd Foxx - Live In Las Vegas
Redd Foxx - Naughties But GoodiesRedd Foxx - Mr Hot Pants Redd Foxx - Mr Hot Pants
Redd Foxx - Restricted XXXRedd Foxx - New Fugg 1962Redd Foxx - Sanford And Son OST 1972
Redd Foxx - On The Loose Redd Foxx - On The Loose
Redd Foxx - Shed House HumorRedd Foxx - Shed House Humor
Redd Foxx - SidesplitterRedd Foxx - Spice Can Be NiceRedd Foxx - Strictly For Adults
Redd Foxx & Slappy White - Redd And WhiteRedd Foxx - Where It's At 1970 Redd Foxx - Wild Party Vol 2
Redd Foxx - Wild PartyRedd Foxx - X-Rated Vol 6Redd Foxx & Hattie Noel - Battle Of Sex 1963
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