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This Day In Comedy: March 21

On: Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Born this day in 1906, Benny Bell (Benjamin Samberg or Benjamin Zamberg) New York City, New York comedian, singer-songwriter, Vaudeville stage name Benny Bimbo. He died 07/06/1999 at age 93.
Benny Bell cameo

Born this day in 1958, Brad Hall (William Brad Hall) is 54, Santa Barbara, California  comedian, TV’s Saturday Night Live. Married Julia Louis-Dreyfus of Seinfeld fame.
SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, Brad Hall, 1975-present, (c)NBC/courtesy Everett Collection
 Brad Hall cameo

Born this day in 1953, Carl Wolfson is 59, Washington DC comedian, TV’s Thicke of the Night.
Carl Wolfson cameo pi
 Carl Wolfson Rr
Born this day in 1940, Chip Taylor (James Wesley Voight) is 72, Yonkers, New York.  Chip & Dennis Wholey wrote “Angel of the Morning" and "Wild Thing."
Chip is the brother of actor Jon Voight, uncle of actress Angelina Jolie and actor James Haven.

Chip Taylor cameo 1 
Chip Taylor cameo 2

Born this day in 1948, Lorene Yarnell (Lorene Yarnell) Inglewood, California mime, dancer  Shields & Yarnell mime team, “Dot Matrix” in movie Spaceballs. She died 07/29/2010 from an aneurysm at age 62.
lorene yarnell cameo e

Born this day in 1962, Rosie O'Donnell (Roseann O'Donnell) is 50, Bayside, Queens, New York 5'6.5" stand-up comedian, actress, author, television personality.
 Rosie O'Donnell holds a press conference Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2002 in New York. O'Donnell announced she would quit her namesake magazine citing a deteriorating relationship with the magazine's publisher Gruner + Jahr. (AP Photo/Toyokazu Kosugi)
Born this day in 1912, Suzanne Kaaren, aka Suzanne Karen, Brooklyn, New York, danced with the Three Stooges in Disorder In The Court. She died 08/27/2004 from complications of pneumonia at age 92.
Suzanne Kaaren cameo 58

Died this day in 2005, Barney Martin, Queens, New York, 1st film was The Producers. Born 03/03/1923, he died of lung cancer at age 82.

Barney Martin cameo 4

Died this day in 2009, Bob Arbogast (Robert Arbogast) Bellingham,  Massachusetts. Born 04/01/1927, he died from lung cancer at age 81.
Bob Arbogast

Died this day in 1999, Ernie Wise (Ernest Wiseman) Bramley, West Riding of Yorkshire, England of team Morecambe & Wise, aka Eric & Ernie, in radio, film TV. Born 11/27/1925, he died from heart failure & chest infection at age 73.
Ernie Wise cameo 4a
Ernie Wise cameo 4

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