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LaWanda Page - Watch It Sucker 1977

On: Friday, July 31, 2009

LaWanda Page
Born: Alberta Peal
Oct 19 1920 - Sep 14 2002(2002-09-14) age 81(1920-10-19) -
Official Site
01 Hoe House Blues
02 Crazy House
03 Bus Driver
04 Thermometer
05 Bye Bye Black Bird
06 Ring Dang Do
07 Star In the East
08 Darkie
09 the Buggy Ride
10 Welcome
11 Open Drawer Whores
12 Suck It Dry
13 Karate Money
14 The Hoe'In Game
15 It's Your Thing

Dame Edna (Barry Humphries) - Housewife Superstar 1976 (Australia)

01 Les Patterson, Cultural Attache
02 Dame Edna Everage
03 Dame Edna Everage Part 2

Housewife Superstar 

Scatman Crothers - Comedy Sweepstakes 1961

On: Tuesday, July 28, 2009

01 Comedy Sweepstakes Side 1
02 Comedy Sweepstakes Side 2

Comedy Sweepstakes

Pat Buttram - We Wuz Poor 1971

On: Monday, July 27, 2009

Pat Buttram
Maxwell Emmett Buttram
Jun 19 1915 - Jan 08 1994 age 78
Official Site

Ask Pat Buttram for some information on his life so that you can produce relevant liner notes on his new Ovation record and you uncover almost enough new material for another album!!! How do you top it when Pat says:
"I was born in Addison, Alabama—Winston County—on June 19 but I don't know what year, we didn't have a calendar. My folks were poor but they had class . . . they couldn't afford a rug so they had my feet carpeted. But there's one big advantage to being poor. It don't take much to improve your situation.
"We Buttrams was a hard working family, and very religious. My daddy was a circuit-ridin' Methodist Preacher and he was very convincing . . . Folks used to say, ‘Preacher, we never knew what sin was till you Buttrams moved here.' And they didn't have much of a flock in pappy's church, sometimes maybe only six or seven people. I know one old maid used to say, ‘Reverend Buttram, when you say dearly beloved, it always makes me blush.' You couldn't trust too many people in our county—Dad used to keep the church locked up tight and, when you wanted to go in and pray, you had to knock three times on the door and say, ‘Peter sent me' . . .
"We scraped thru alright and my folks sent me for a good schooling at Birmingham Southern College. In those days, college was different . . . it was the professors who wore the beards and the kids who didn't dare open their mouths. I don't like to say that I cheated on my exams, but I did always try to sit behind a round shouldered honor student. I had to quit school after a year because I was still poor . . . poor in English, poor in History, poor in Math.
"Before I left, I was in a college play and the manager of a local radio station in Birmingham must have seen something in me because he gave me a job as an early morning disk jockey . . . you know, one of those fellows that say, ‘Get up everybody, rise and shine.' Oh, I reached a lot of people with that radio show but I was sure happy that they couldn't reach me.
"In 1934, the fickle finger of fate beckoned and I hitchhiked to Chicago to see the Worlds Fair and found out that radio station WLS, the home of the National Barn Dance, was holding auditions. At that time they needed a suave, sophisticated, witty humorist and, since Noel Coward wasn't available, I got the job. This was when the National Barn Dance had names working there like George Gobel, Rex Allen, Andy Williams, Lulu Belle and Scotty, Eddie Peabody and a new cowboy singer named Gene Autry. And even in those days we knew Gene Autry was making big money, cause he used to ride a Cadillac horse to work.
"Then in 1945, Gene Autry sent for me to come to Holly's woods to be his sidekick on radio and TV and movies . . . and for the next seventeen years I was kept busy saying, ‘Which way did they go?" And ‘Mr. Artery, I don't think them Indians look too friendly.'
"Then after all these years the good Lord must have had his arms around me because I signed for six years in a real great television show, ‘Green Acres,' along with Eva Gabor and Eddie Albert, where I became the lovable but larcenous Mr. Haney.
"I am now living in Northridge, California, with my beautiful wife, actress Sheila Ryan, and my lovely teenage daughter, Kerry, and keeping busy with my hobbies, which are collecting old Martha Mitchell phone calls and selling old Milton Berle gowns to Flip Wilson."

Side 1
01 Joe Nixon Introduction
02 Record Album
03 Eva Gabor
04 Commercials
05 Old Age
06 Poem
07 Haney - Green Acres
08 Gene Autry


Side Two
01 Poverty
02 Folsom Prison
03 Kids

Ovation OV 14/18
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Pat Buttram ‎- As I Look Into Your Faces 1961


Rodney Dangerfield - What's In A Name 1995

01 What's In A Name
02 Someone's Gonna Get Hurt
03 Get A Horse
04 Lost
05 Flying Southern Comfort
06 The Gourmet
07 Home Sweet Home
08 My Neighborhood
09 The Hold Up
10 Unhandy Husbands
11 That's Show Biz

What's In A Name

Rodney Dangerfield - I Don't Get No Respect 1969

01 Side 1
02 Side 2

Don't Get No Respect 

Victor Borge - Caught In The Act 1955 (Denmark)

On: Saturday, July 25, 2009

Victor Borge
Børge Rosenbaum
Copenhagen, Denmark
Jan 03 1909 - Dec 23 2000
01 Welcome... A Request
02 Introduction
03 Piano Concerto No. 2
04 Clair De Lune
05 Theme And Variations... Including Happy Birthday
06 A Mozart Opera By Borge
07 Tango
08 Minute Waltz
09 Waltz In C Sharp Minor
10 The Harry Lime Theme
11 Liebestraum (Part 1)
12 Liebestraum (Part 2)
13 Family Background
14 Phonetic Punctuation
15 The Watch
16 The Warsaw Concerto
17 Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart

 Caught In The Act

Abbott & Costello - Who's On First, A Collection Of Classic Routines 1947

On: Friday, July 24, 2009

Bud Abbott
William Alexander Abbott
Oct 02 1895 – Apr 24 1974 age 78

Lou Costello
Louis Francis Costello
Mar 06 1906 – Mar 03 1959 age 52
01 Costello Finds a Not-So-Honest Job 4-10-47
02 Who's On First 4-17-47


Slappy White - Just For Laughs 1960s

Slappy White
Melvin Edward White
Sep 20 1921 - Nov 07 1995 age 74
Official Site

01 Polar Bear
02 Exercise For The Stomach
03 Texas
04 Ding Dong The Pussy's In The Well
05 The Three Germs And The 7 20 Special
06 See What I Done!
07 Letter From Home
08 The Spy

Bull Records B-10
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Redd Foxx & Slappy White 1992
Elect Slappy White For Vice President 1975


Joan Rivers - Next To Last Joan Rivers Album 1969

On: Thursday, July 23, 2009

Joan Rivers
Joan Alexandra Molinsky
Jun 08 1933 - Sep 04 2014 age 81

01 Being Single
02 Nurses
03 Being Married (Part 1)
04 Being Pregnant
05 Stewardesses & Mothers
06 Natural Child Birth
07 Being Married (Part 2)
08 Eight Items Or Less
09 Omaha, Nebraska
10 God Given Gift

* * *
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Dick Gregory - Caught In The Act 1974

On: Monday, July 20, 2009

Dick Gregory
Richard Claxton Gregory
Oct 12 1932 -
Official Site

Side 1
Side 2
Side 3
Side 4

Caught In The Act
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Mickey Katz - Katz Puts On The Dog 1957

On: Saturday, July 18, 2009

01 Hey! Jealous Lover
02 You're A Doity Dog
03 Sweet And Gentle
04 Moscovitz Ramble
05 Paisach In Portugal
06 Tico Tico
07 Feet Up, Pat Him On The Pippick
08 Schleppin' My Baby Back Home
09 Nature Bocher
10 Sin
11 Schvitzburgh, Pennsylvania
12 Murietta Hot Springs

Katz Puts On The Dog

Redd Foxx - Up Against The Wall 1969

On: Thursday, July 16, 2009

Redd Foxx
John Elroy Sanford
St. Louis, Missouri USA
Dec 09 1922 – Oct 11 1991
01 Side A
02 Side B
03 Side C
04 Side D

Up Against The Wall

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Redd Foxx - Black 'N Blue 1982

Redd Foxx
John Elroy Sanford
St. Louis, Missouri USA
Dec 09 1922 – Oct 11 1991
01 Side 1
02 Side 2

Black 'N Blue

Richard Pryor - Live On The Sunset Strip 1982

On: Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Richard Pryor
Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor
Peoria, Illinois, USA
Dec 01 1940 – Dec 10 2005 age 65

01 Women
02 Prison
03 Africa
04 Mafia Club
05 Mudbone
06 Freebase
07 Hospital

Live On The Sunset Strip
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