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Mickey Katz - Katz Puts On The Dog 1957

On: Saturday, July 18, 2009

01 Hey! Jealous Lover
02 You're A Doity Dog
03 Sweet And Gentle
04 Moscovitz Ramble
05 Paisach In Portugal
06 Tico Tico
07 Feet Up, Pat Him On The Pippick
08 Schleppin' My Baby Back Home
09 Nature Bocher
10 Sin
11 Schvitzburgh, Pennsylvania
12 Murietta Hot Springs

Katz Puts On The Dog

3 comments on "Mickey Katz - Katz Puts On The Dog 1957"

Media Funhouse said...

He didn't hold a candle to Benny Bell, in my opinion, but fascinating to listen to nonetheless. The Latin number and "Schleppin'" are probably the high points. Thanks!

cr8ed said...

thank you!!!!!
i would sit and listen to this with my grandmother -
laughing and singing at the top of our lungs -
my god the memories -
again THANKS!!!!!

JimG said...

New address

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