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Redd Foxx - Up Against The Wall 1969

On: Thursday, July 16, 2009

Redd Foxx
John Elroy Sanford
St. Louis, Missouri USA
Dec 09 1922 – Oct 11 1991
01 Side A
02 Side B
03 Side C
04 Side D

Up Against The Wall

Thanks Dr Forrest's Cheeze Factory!

2 comments on "Redd Foxx - Up Against The Wall 1969"

Anonymous said...

Thanks much for the Redd Foxx!!! He was always the best!

Media Funhouse said...

You are still No. 1 on my iPod, and so I thank ye kindly. This album was terrific -- just a non-stop succession of jokes, delivered in Redd's mellow-ly nasty fashion. He never once curses, but some of the jokes are totally filthy, and for that you gotta love him.

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