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Ford & Reynolds - Wadda Ya Gonna Do! 1960s

On: Sunday, May 20, 2012

Frankie Ford
Birth name
Apr 22 1926 - May 22 1988 age 62
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Gary Reynolds
Birth name
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Ford & Reynolds (regulars on “The Ed Sullivan Show” at the time) played the 3D Club a LOT. Rumor was that they owed the owner a big gambling debt. I don’t know if there was anything to that or not, although I used to see Frankie Ford upstairs at the Blackjack table before the house band finished playing their theme at the end of their act.
Theirs was a Martin & Lewis-type act, with a handsome Italian singer and crazy comic. However, Gary Reynolds was one of the most insecure performers I had ever known, and I knew many. I used to hang out at the 3D Club a lot, even though I didn’t drink or gamble at all. I don’t think I ever ate there either. I did perform there now and then, though, and I hung out with other performers.
At any rate, Gary Reynolds used to come over to me immediately after their act ended, saying something like, “How was it? Was it okay, huh, huh, huh? How was it? How was it?”
Eventually, I felt like saying, “It was fine. It was just like the last time I saw the performance, and the time before that. In fact, the act was a lot like the previous 90 times I saw it.” I never did tell him that, but it was what I was thinking. Source New World Trends

(My brother) Frankie, whose stage name was Frankie Ford, started out as a drummer in the Bronx and later became a comedian. Actually, he started out drumming with a pencil in grammar school, and the teachers often reported this misconduct to my mother.
He performed at the Latin Quarter and all of the famous Catskill Mountain resorts, invariably accompanied by his partner, Gary Reynolds. Ford and Reynolds brought the house down, especially when my brother did his imitation of Johnie Ray singing “Cry”. At the end, he pulled off his toupee and tossed it to an unsuspecting, attractive lady in the audience. Mary Cubeta, sister

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2 comments on "Ford & Reynolds - Wadda Ya Gonna Do! 1960s"

Anonymous said...

that was part of his 'schtick'.. how was it?? huh, huh?? mr 'world trends'

drew said...

In the early 70's, Frankie and Eddie Negro stayed at the Kings Inn Hotel in Palm Springs for a couple of weeks while they had an engagement at one of the larger hotels. My parents ran the hotel and we lived in a house on the property. They would practice their show during the day and everyone got to watch. I became friends with their drummer and we would play pool,; I think his name was Billy. I do remember them doing the Johnny Ray song. At the time they were in a "Rice-A-Roni" commercial on TV.

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