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Bruce Baum - Born To Be Raised 1981

On: Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bruce Baum
Birth name
aka Ted L. Nancy
aka Babyman
Mar 18 1951 -
Official Site

Who: Comedian, writer, filmmaker, creator of, BabyMan, co-author of the first three Ted. L. Nancy books, lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Heifers.
Former valley boy: Raised in Sherman Oaks, Baum escaped the gridlocked San Fernando Valley 25 years ago to live in roomier Thousand Oaks.
Family tree branches: Married to Lynn, a teacher and softball coach at Westlake High School. They have two children, Jenna, 29, and Dylan, 25.
Cloning Crosby: Baum, a David Crosby look-alike, pulls off a few minor public disturbances as the folk singer in one of his OuterNet videos, “David Crosby Gone Wild.”
Education: Formally, graduated with a degree in political science from UC Davis and earned a Master of Fine Arts degree at UCLA’s film school. Informally, has spent many years learning from such icons as George Carlin, Dave Coulier of “Full House” and fellow denizens on “Hollywood Squares.”
Favorite local haunts: Main Street in downtown Ventura, the malls (people-watching provides comic inspiration), Malibu Wines on Mulholland Highway.
Bruce as a smoothie?: “If it was legal to stuff Daffy Duck and Benjamin Franklin into a blender and hit the puree button,” he said, “you might pour out a glass of Bruce Baum."

01 Marty Feldman Eyes
02 17 Joint Drive
03 Boss Of The BBQ
04 No Seques Here
05 Ballad Of Baby Man

06 Mother Goose On 45
07 Advertising & Public Facilities
08 She Rode A Moose (Appreciation)
09 Getting To Know You / Flies Making Love
10 Reflections, 1

Stand-up & Novelty Songs
Horn Records HR-4003
His other material on this blog is tagged at the bottom of this post
You Can't Judge A DVD By It's Cover (Video) 2007
Marty Feldman Eyes b/w Reflections (45) 1981

Mother Goose On b/w Mother Goose On (45) 1981


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