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Mort Sahl - Mort Sahl's America 1997

On: Monday, January 17, 2011

Mort Sahl
Morton Lyon Sahl
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
May 11 1927 -

01 Opening Remarks, Defining Liberals and Conservatives
02 Politics, Women and Movies
03 Al Gore, Irak and the CIA
04 '96 Conventions
05 Al Gore the Philosopher
06 Divorce, Self-Sufficient Women
07 Screenwriting for Liberal Directors
08 Woody Allen
09 Introducing Senator Eugene McCarthy
10 Clinton and Perronism
11 Politician's Promises, '80 Elections  Judging the Candi
12 Reader's Digest
13 McNamara, Truman and Language, Ron Zeigler
14 Humor in Politics, President Johnson
15 '76 Debates and CBS's Time, Candidates and Language
16 President Carter
17 News and Politics, Walter Cronkite
18 Parting Remarks

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Nixon's Odyssey (45)
Watergate (45)


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