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Woody Allen - On Comedy 2007

On: Tuesday, January 11, 2011

01 Wrighting
02 Formats & Styles
03 Stage Persona
04 Ad Libs
05 Audience Response
06 Relating To Woody
07 Rise To Stardom
08 Woody's Influences
09 Comedy & Pain
10 Advice

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1 comments on "Woody Allen - On Comedy 2007"

Media Funhouse said...

Was trying to figure out when this interview took place -- the book the interviewer wss writing came out in '72, but Woody never mentions having the slightest interest in making movies here (he's all about wanting to be a playwright, which means he hasn't yet written "Play it Again, Sam" yet!).

Great insights and tips on his technique, although he admits you'd have to have *talent* to write good jokes in the first place....


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