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Uh Oh, I Pissed Somebody Off

On: Thursday, January 27, 2011

I was invited last year to be a member of a private forum. Their posts are comedy oriented and available through torrents rather than by file-sharing sites like r-a-p-i-d-s-h-a-r-e.

I am pretty savvy with PC stuff but not with how torrents work. Bottom line, I got booted from the forum because, I *think*, I couldn't retool my torrents or my hash-ID, (something like that.) I guess there's always the chance I pissed-off someone in some other way. Mea Culpa!

Why write about it?

Some of the offended forum's moderators and members are members of this private blog. I would like you to know that you are still welcome here on VSC. You're pissed off at me? OK, my skin is thick (I am seeing a doctor for that.)

No, I'm not begging to be a member again. No, I am not disabling your logon IDs. Yes, you can still come here for COMEDY albums. Come on, fellows, we are purveyors of laughs. I hate to think that someone is so MAD about something I did when our blogs are about COMEDY. So, make a joke about me, insult me, post Photoshopped pictures of me. But no need to get your blood pressure up. I still love 'ya!


4 comments on "Uh Oh, I Pissed Somebody Off"

Rich said...

I have NEVER understood how torrents work, so chin up -- you're not alone!

Honest Deal said...

I know that forum. Their files are usually not complete. They are real petty about sharing, quotas, who "owns" something just because they packed some files.
Torrents for small files in a small community like a private forum with a couple hundred users is a stupid idea. Torrents need more than 1 or 2 seeds, peers to work. The file owners are locked into keeping their PCs on and the directories in place and unchanged. Easy for a huge community, stupid for a small one where not everyone will have every file.
Dumb, dumb idea.

Chocolate Milktooth said...

Did they ever tell you why you got banned? It seems kinda weird that they booted you without sending a reason. From looking at your user page it looks like you uploaded 4.58 TB but that seems really high; even the user who invited you uploaded 1.62 TB and he's definitely a power user. My guess is your torrent client was sending bogus information and they thought you were cheating your ratio. I'm sure if you talked to one of the admins in the IRC they might be able to help you out.

And if it makes you feel any better, I download way more albums from you than I do from that tracker. Your uploads are always well organized and there is more of a commitment to vintage comedy which I prefer. Thanks again for all your hard work.

JimG said...

Chocolate - they didn't send a reason, one day I was just banned. The upload count is probably right, some torrents were video and the rest were relatively rare vintage posts.
Since this post on VSC I heard the issue was over "torrents on public sites". I assume that means on their forum and a public site. I had only one, not sure how it became public.
I created this post since I couldn't login to the forum and say "why?" I got my answer. I am OK with the ban.

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