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Andrew Dice Clay - 40 Too Long 1992

On: Monday, June 17, 2013

Andrew Dice Clay
Andrew Clay Silverstein
Sep 29 1957 -

This one is really good. It is actually as listener friendly as Dice got (though the material is still extremely crude) because his lampooning of everyday shopping at the begining could make anyone laugh. The title bit is very funny and the rest of the record is quite funny. It falls apart a little at the end and the songs don't help but overall the CD is great. ~Amazon customer

01 Dice Goes To The Mall
02 Dice Talks To The Salesman
03 Dice Buys A Suit
04 Dice On Disasters
05 Dice On Nutrition
06 Dice Just Says No Leno
07 Dice On Redheads
08 Dice On Lasting Relationships
09 Dice The Advocate
10 Dice Stops For Gas
11 Dice On Reading Material
12 Dice On Orgasms
13 Dice's Checklist
14 What A Mess
15 Dice On Redheaded Men
16 Dice Knows When To Say When
17 Dice On Complaints
18 Dice And Truckdrivers
19 Dice Jerks Off
20 Dice On Manners
21 Dice Vs. Pee-Wee
22 Dice At The Drive-Thru
23 Dice Gets Creative In Bed
24 Dice Learns To Mambo
25 Dice On Bodybuilders
26 Dice Does It Like Dis
27 Dice Has Random Thoughts
28 Dice Greeting Cards
29 Dice Rewrites History
30 Let Yourself Go
31 You May Be Dancing With Me


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