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Lord Buckley - Best Of Lord Buckley 1951

On: Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lord Buckley
Richard Myrle Buckley
Apr 05 1906 - Nov 12 1960 age 54
Lord Buckley is, in reality, as important a character as Woody Guthrie. Both have similar reputations as troubadours of independence. Both also suffer from a somewhat skewed remembrance in modern culture, almost as if they didn't exist -- but Buckley did exist. Purveyor of the hippest slang and jargon of the 20th century, he was not only a comedian but a social and religious satirist. His most popular routine, "The Nazz," is the centerpiece of this record, a truly engaging and twisted take of Jesus and his effect on his disciples. There are may other great cuts, such as "Nero" and "Jonah and the Whale." All showcase a man that can make you laugh and, most importantly, think. Source:

01 The Nazz
02 Gettysburg Address
03 The Hip Gahn

04 Jonah And The Whale
05 Marc Antony's Funeral Oration
06 Nero

Elektra – EKS-74047

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