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Shelley Berman - Outside Shelley Berman 1960

On: Sunday, September 18, 2011

Shelley Berman
Sheldon Berman
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Feb 03 1925 - 
In the mid-1950s, Chicago-born Shelley Berman went from acting school to a comedy troupe that became known as THE SECOND CITY. While there he developed a "sit-down" solo comedy act and premiered it in 1957 at Mister Kelly's. Berman was the first stand-up comic to play Carnegie Hall, also the first to win a Grammy for a non-music recording.

OUTSIDE SHELLEY BERMAN (1960, VERVE) follows-up his best-selling 1959 debut, INSIDE SHELLEY BERMAN. In this set recorded at The Interlude (his fourth-ever gig), Berman breezes confidently through well-rehearsed material but still manages to make numerous digressions sound like ad-libs. By Annie Van Auken (Planet Earth) Source: Amazon

01 Franz Kafka On The Telephone
02 The Booking Agent
03 Father & Son ($100 For Acting School)
04 PTA Meeting


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