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Paul Rodriguez - You're In America Now, Speak Spanish 1986

On: Friday, January 25, 2013

Paul Rodriguez
Paul Rodriguez
Jan 19 1955 -

I have always enjoyed Rodriguez' works, both on stage and in movies (with the notable exception of "Bloodwork," where he plays an unfunny and thankless part; but a guy has to work, que no?). I bought this CD, assuming that it would be as funny as his other works. But it isn't. There are certainly places in the CD where he made me smile or laugh a little, but there is no section that causes me to lose it, laughing-wise. It seems rather strident, as if he is trying too hard. A great comedian makes you laugh and laugh over. Rodriguez' trying too hard to be funny makes me feel uncomfortable, to the point where I don't care to listen to it again.
If you are Mexican-American, as I am, or if you just want to lose it and laugh until you're crying, try the CD's by George Lopez, "Team Leader" or "Right Now, Right Now." I have listened to them over and over, and they're just as funny as the 1st time I heard them! George Lopez is the true heir to Cheech Marin.

01 Racial Tension
02 Middle East
03 Gangs
04 Mexican Hobby
05 I've Been Travelling
06 Dating
07 Makin' Whoopee
08 TV Shows
09 Commercials
10 Singers
11 Going Dancing
12 Women Are Psychic
13 Spanish Lesson

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