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Mike Warnke - Jester In The King's Court 1977 Bob H

On: Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mike Warnke
Michael Alfred Warnke
 Evansville, Indiana USA
Nov 19 1946

Far from being the usual straight laced person who usually dresses up in a suit and has long hair, coming out of the Youth for Christ movement during the 1960's as well as being a Vietnam war veteran, Mike's approach wasn't the usual.  He was wasn't about religion or any particular church.  And for someone who has had his experiences and background, to speak the way he does and act the way he does would convince many a skeptic or cynic even when others haven't.  The one group of people he had the most profound influence on were the teenagers.  This man has probably convinced more people to turn their lives around then just about anybody else I've ever heard of!  I sat right behind him in the choir loft.  He was a very loving, warm individual who didn't go around looking down his nose at anyone.  He simply was someone who came to light the way. - excerpt from Suzette's blog
01 Gorilla Cookies And Coffins 2:22
02 Chicken Walk Un-Huh! 4:20
03 Not Me-Eth--You-Eth 2:17
04 The Big Green God And Bunny Fuzz 4:33
05 Perfect Nothingness 2:56
06 The Holy Hustle 3:00
07 Rednecks 1:31
08 The Con Job 2:50

09 The Scourging Post 8:22
10 Between Heaven And Earth 3:57
11 Satan Takes A Holiday 7:47
12 The Key Shop 3:35

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Thanks Bob H!

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