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Jack Warner - Yer Can't 'Elp Laughin' With Jack Warner 1968 (UK)

On: Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jack Warner
Horace John Waters
London, England, UK
Oct 24 1895 – May 24 1981 age 85
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This is an album of comic songs and character sketches by the actor best known as your "Evening, All" officer from Dixon Of Dock Green on BBC TV in the 1950s and 60s. His sisters Elsie and Doris Waters were well-known comediennes under the names Gert and Daisy.

01 I Didn't Orter 'A' Ett It
02 My Bruvver In The Life Guards
03 Walking Hup And Dahn The Rawlway Laines
04 You Can't Help Laughing
05 Sea Lions And Seals
06 Funny Occupations (Bunger Up O' Rat-'oles, A Fumper And A Flattener Of Fevvers, A Caster-up Of Alabaster Plaster)
07 Claud And His Sword

08 Funny Occupations (The Turkish Bath Attendant)
09 If I'd Only Put An X Instead Of 1
10 Thank You, My Lady
11 Frank And His Tank
12 An Ordinary Copper

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