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Various Artists - Comedy's Dirtiest Dozen 1988

On: Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bill Hicks
William Melvin Hicks
Dec 16 1961 - Feb 26 1994 age 32

Jackie Martling
John Coger Martling, Jr.
Mineola, New York, on Long Island, USA
Feb 14 1948 -

Tim Allen,
John Fox,
Joey Gaynor,
Stephanie Hodge,
Monty Hoffman,
Steven Pearl,
Otto Petersen,
Chris Rock,
Larry Scarano,
Thea Vidale
Birth name
Official Site

Comedy's Dirtiest Dozen: This classic comedy concert film launched the careers of Tim Allen, Chris Rock and Jackie The Joke Man Martling. It also features the definitive performance of legendary Bill Hicks. The Heavyweights of Comedy: "Fat is where it's at!" This heavy film was shot on the same weekend as Comedy's Dirtiest Dozen. It features 8 of the heaviest and funniest comedians ever. Among these comedians are some rare jewels, including Bob Woods who died in 1990 . Woods' comic impression of Jackie Gleason is considered among comedians as the definitive Gleason impersonation of all time. You will also recognize Tim O'Rourke as the bartender from the "Drew Carey Show" and Thea Vidale who had her TV series, "Thea". This uncensored, no holds barred comedy film ends in a comic feast so large that even the chairs could not hold them. Written by Clint Weiler

Said to be a "Cult Classic", Comedy's Dirtiest Dozen (1988) marks a milestone in comedy which launched the successful careers of Chris Rock, Tim Allen, Jackie Martling and Bill Hicks.
Personally, I thought Tim Allen gave the very best performance. He is uproariously funny, and it is hard to believe that he went from doing this to fluff like "Home Improvement" (a good show, but not anything like his early standup).
Chris Rock is also good. He is very young here, but he already has his "born suspect" act nailed. He is pretty good for an up-and-coming comedian, and any fan of his should watch this movie.
And, of course, there's Bill Hicks, who outshines everyone else by far (Allen made me laugh the hardest, but Bill still has the better act). He was one hell of a comedian, and almost makes this DVD worth buying, ALMOST lol. What they were thinking when they they thought they could group a genius like Hicks with a hack the likes of Stephanie Hodge in one DVD is beyond me....but here it is.
The title doesn't lie either--these 12 performers really are comedy's dirtiest. The humor is vulgar, shocking, and totally filthy, but only the four names you know, know how to do it right.



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