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Don Sebastian - Sebastian Goes To Europe 1960s

On: Sunday, April 5, 2015

Don Sebastian
Sebastian Lupo
Jun 1927-?

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Think of Sebastian as the aging comic in Billy Crystal`s "Mr. Saturday Night", the nightclub comic who wound up playing Florida condos when the big laughs faded away. The man who says: "I`m not starting out. I`m finishing up." But Sebastian isn`t through. "I know a guy who`s got seven kids. I tell him, `Look, I like my cigar, too, but I take it out of my mouth now and then.`"
Howling laughter, and Sebastian-on stage and in his element-is ready to roll. And the trip is familiar. Over the years, he has played the nightclubs, the Catskills, the cruise ships. Now, the condos. "I don`t care if the audience is a hundred years old," says Audre Breen, who with husband Bobby books condo acts from their office in Margate, Fla. "If they can hum the tune you`re playing, you`ve got `em. If you sing `New York, New York` and `Fiddler on the Roof,` good or bad, they`ll love you."
"The main thing is, you can`t be too innovative. They want Eddie Fisher to be Eddie Fisher." Which explains why Fisher belts out "Oh Mein Papa" though he`s sick of the song. Why Julius LaRosa croons his Italian serenades for the umpteenth time. Why Don Sebastian tells jokes penned by Groucho Marx when Ike was in the White House.  
So what if the songs and gags are as stale as months-old matzoh. The audience eats it up. "Ya gotta understand," says Howard Heller, a Tamarac retiree. "Without entertainment, it`s a walking morgue around here. These people-they gotta smile, they gotta laugh about something. Otherwise, they`re crying all the time `cause something hurts."  excerpt Chicago Tribune 1992

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