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Gene & Freddy - Party Record Party 1959

On: Monday, April 6, 2015

Eugene W. Jackson, II
aka Pineapple
Dec 25 1916 - Oct 26 2001 age 84
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Freddie Samuel Baker
aka Freddie Jackson
 Houston, Texas, USA
Dec 25 1919 - Mar 27 1995 age 75
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Before his fame in film and television, Gene worked at vaudeville where he sang and danced on stage. If fact he was billed as "Hollywood's most famous colored kid star". He worked with Hal Roach for "Our Gang" as Farina's older brother, Pineapple.
He also appeared as Diahann Carroll's Uncle Lou on TV's "Julia" and Redd Foxx's friend on "Sanford and Son". wikipedia  Jackson experienced early Hollywood's stereotype casting and pay differentials for minorities firsthand. For "Our Gang," he earned a top of $55 a week compared with the white children's $75, he told The Times in 1992. And, he added, "black kids had to look the part. They would put stuff on my hair to make it look kinkier."~nytimes

This albums joins the Jackson brothers as a standup comedy team; a jazz album was also released with a third brother joining the team.

01 Atomic Brassiere
02 The Bride And Groom
03 Man With Four Balls
04 Four Kings
05 Fertile Myrtle
06 The Donkey Roast Party

07 The Queer Choir
08 Oysters And Sex
09 Superman's Balls
10 The Silver Screw
11 Short Arm Inspection
12 The Sex Hour


"Party Record" fare, 
check the track titles!
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