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Wally Blake - Ain't That Something 1980

On: Saturday, May 4, 2013

Wally Blake
Birth name
Official Site

We've got a Foster Brooks clone here, with the same look, using the same shtick and getting the same laughs from the same type of material.
Lake Villa resident and comedian Wally Blake's gift was to walk into a wedding reception late as "Uncle Wally from Florida", who, in a slightly inebriated voice, asks, "Am I in the right place?" He would then poke fun at attendees, having been given guests' names in advance.
Now ain't that something!

01 Is This The Right Place?
02 Driving Along The Highway
03 Last Chance Airlines
04 Music And Nonsense

05 On The Bus
06 Visit To The Doctor
07 Tipsy Santa Claus
08 Musical Toys

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2 comments on "Wally Blake - Ain't That Something 1980"

Unknown said...

I have a sealed copy

Unknown said...

Never mind I was wrong, Kenny Gates is not sealed but it does appear he signed it, sorry about that.

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