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Dick Curtis - Well Now 1980

On: Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dick Curtis
Birth name
aka Trooper Dick Curtis
May 24 1928 -
Official Site

Dick Curtis was known for commercials for the Blitz Weinhard Brewing Company. His persona and catch phrase of "Well Now... Where You Fellas Goin' With All That Beer...?" as he guarded the Oregon Boarder from that "California" brew, became a household phrase. It also spawned this record album and endeared him to native Oregon folk. ~IMDB excerpt

01 "Well Now..." 3:09
02 Rita's Letter 3:26
03 The Coin Machine 3:06
04 Just Because We're Kids 2:28

05 Good Mornin' Sister 2:01
06 Banjo Man 3:05
07 The Watch Song 3:14
08 Shelley's Poem 1:15
09 You Can Count On Me 2:22


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