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Various Artists - Friars Club Roast Of Gary Cooper 1961

On: Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jack Benny
Benjamin Kubelsky
Feb 14 1894 - Dec 26 1974 age 80

Art Linkletter, Audrey Hepburn, Barry Mirkin, Carl Sandburg, Dean Martin, Dimitri Tiomkin, Gary Cooper, George Burns, George Jessel, Henry Ford Jr, Jack Warner, Milton Berle, Sam Goldwyn, Tony Curtis., Tony Martin
Birth name
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Held at the International Ballroom in the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 8th 1961. Said Cooper, legs stretching contentedly from the dais to the far side of the room: "If someone were to ask me am I the luckiest man in the world, the answer would be—Yup."
Gary Cooper was under treatment for prostate and colon cancer at the time, then found out in February that it had spread further and was terminal. He died a few months later on May 13 1961 at age 60.
Dean Martin, Gary Cooper, Tony Martin
01 Side 1 Barry Mirkin, George Jessel, Audrey Hepburn, Art Linkletter, 
Dimitri Tiomkin
02 Side 2 Tony Martin, Jack Warner, Carl Sandberg, George Burns
03 Side 3 Governor Pat Brown, Dean Martin, Sam Goldwyn
04 Side 4 Milton Berle, Greer Garson, Henry Ford II
05 Side 5 Jack Benny, Tony Curtis, Gary Cooper

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Thanks shifferbrains & lupine assassin!


3 comments on "Various Artists - Friars Club Roast Of Gary Cooper 1961"

Lupine Assassin said...

Great post!! I took the liberty of combining all the mp3's as one 320-bitrate file, removing all the dead air and de-clicked it. Let me know what you think. ^^

JimG said...

Thanks. I've added your link to the body of the post, too.

Media Funhouse said...

This is truly yet another bizarre slice of history. A totally "family-friendly" roast (except for Berle) that seems to be more of a testimonial. The comedy comes from Berle, Benny, and Burns (and Dino), but who would've expected a Friars' gathering where Audrey Hepburn, Dimtri Tiomkin, and Carl Sandburg (!) were speakers (not to mention two movie moguls and Henry Ford Jr). I guess people didn't joke around much with the Coop.


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