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Allan Sherman - Fairfax Lady, My Fair Lady, Goldeneh Moments From Broadway 1964

On: Thursday, May 2, 2013

Allan Sherman
Allan Copelon
Nov 30 1924 – Nov 20 1973 age 48
Before Allan Sherman made his hit recording, my son, the folk singer, he made a private recording, My Fair Lady.  This recording was produced by Associated Recording Studios with a blue and white label, and had only one side.  It has the greatest number of Yiddish references of all Sherman’s recordings, which might make it difficult for some to understand.  It is a satire of the famous musical, My Fair Lady, and lasts about twenty minutes.  Here Eliza, the flower seller, speaks English so perfectly that she can’t be understood by the Brooklyn natives.  In order to speak correctly, she needs the help of a Jewish owner of a candy store, and learn about “Jewish things.”  The owner tells Eliza:  ”You’ll trouble, dalink, is you’ve got a speech imperiment.”  As is usual for Allan Sherman, there are the usual mangled words, i.e. “I’ve got the customers to face.”  However, unlike the majority of Sherman’s works, which feature individual lyrics (the exception is Peter and the [Commissar]), My Fair Lady tells a story, and quite an amusing one at that. ~rivermelody blog

01 Scene I: Outside Of The National Theatre, 2nd Ave., New York
02 Wouldn't It Be Lovely
03 Scene II: At The C&L Delicatessen, 76th St. & Broadway
04 With A Little Bit Of Lox
05 Scene III: At Grossinger's
06 On The Streets Where We Live
07 Scene IV: At His Home
08 I Got The Customers To Face
09 Scene V: In The Candy Store
10 Get Me To The Temple On Time

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