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Brenner & Blitzer - Have A Jewish Christmas? 1967

On: Thursday, November 24, 2011

Raymond Brenner
aka Ray Brenner
Official Site

aka Barry E. Blitzer
New York City, New York, USA
Apr 21 1929 - Jan 27 2010 age 80
Official Site
Ray Brenner and Barry E. Blitzer are one of television's most active comedy writing teams.  Ray, a native Californian, worked on such shows as The Real McCoys and Dinah Shore; Barry, a displaced New Yorker, achieved recognition as a writer on the Sergeant Bilko Show, for which he was awarded an Emmy.  The boys first collaborated on McHale's Navy and subsequently scripted for such shows as Donna Reed, Andy Griffith and Get Smart.  They're currently in their second season as staffers for Gomer Pyle and are also contributing to the Carol Burnett Show.

Lennie Weinrib has become one of the busiest “voices” in radio and television.  You hear him regularly on commercials for Avis, Hunts Tomato Sauce, G.E., Pepsodent and countless others.  In addition to his practically full-time voicing schedule, Lennie is a director, writer, actor, comedian and singer—and is currently active in all these fields.  He was the comedy star of the famous Billy Barnes Review which had long runs in Los Angeles and New York, and was recently featured in such TV shows as The Man From UNCLE, Laredo, Jericho and others.  Lennie narrates all the tracks on this album.

Benny Rubin could easily qualify for the title of “Mr. Show Biz.”  In his more than fifty years as a performer he's played everything from Mississippi Riverboats to Burlesque to Vaudeville where he headlined at the Palace Theater.  A master dialectician, Benny has appeared in numerous movies as well as being a near-regular on the Jack Benny television show.  He recently finished a picture with Don Knotts and can be seen in guest appearances on the Joey Bishop Show.

Naomi Lewis is one of radio and television's best known voice specialists.  Early in her career, she headed her own TV series, NBC's famous “Rootie Kazootie Show” which ran daily for over thirteen hundred performances.  Since then she has been lending her comedic talents to commercials including those produced by the inimitable Stan Freberg.

Christine Nelson is regarded as one of the most versatile comediennes on the scene.  She's appeared on many of television's outstanding comedy shows: Ray Bolger, George Gobel, Danny Kaye and has appeared in several movies including “Send Me No Flowers” with Doris Day and Rock Hudson.  Among her outstanding successes was the role of “Sarah Jackman” in the Allen Sherman comedy album.

Reginald X. Carlisle is the pseudonym for a famous radio, television and screen personality.  Since Reggie has relatives living in both Israel and the Vatican—he prefers to remain anonymous.

Recorded live in Hollywood

01 The Problem
   Ida Glickman (Chris)
   First Rabbi (Benny)
   Second Rabbi (Reggie)
   Peacemaker (Benny)

02 Christmas Cards
   Hall Markowitz (Reggie)

03 Christmas Trees
   David (Naomi)
   Sharon (Chris)
   Harry (Lennie)
   Doctor (Reggie)
   Salesman (Benny)

04 Tanta And The Tree
   Sharon (Chris)
   Harry (Lenny)
   Tanta Sophie (Naomi)

05 Santa Claus
   Larry (Naomi)
   Santa (Benny)

06 Christmas Machers
   Aaron (Lennie)
   Hymie (Benny)
   Fanny (Naomi)

07 The Party
   The Dispatcher (Reggie ()
   Goldie (Chris)
   Esther (Naomi)
   Abe (Lennie)
   Sol (Benny)
   First Man (Lennie)
   First Woman (Chris)
   Second Man (Reggie)
   Second Woman (Naomi ()
   Cantor (Benny)
   Bernie (Lennie)
   Abdul (Benny)

08 Shut Up, Irving
   Irving (Benny)
   Sadie (Naomi)
   Ghost (Lennie) 

* * *
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