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Pat Dailey - Raw Bars 1997

On: Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pat Dailey
Patrick Huston Dailey
 Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Mar 04 1941 -
Shel Silverstein, Pat
People who attend shows put on by singer/songwriter Pat Dailey know what they're going to get. They like the trigger phrases he sends out that signal it's time for audience participation. They like the way he teases them. They like his songs about fish and about Ohio, the drinking songs and the love songs, and the sly digs Dailey gives to what some would call his Florida counterpart, Jimmy Buffett. Once in a while, some brave soul even requests a Buffett tune from Dailey, which he artfully sidesteps. He returns to his repertoire of fish songs. Or throws out a novelty number about a bar. And people like it so much, they have kept Dailey busy with steady year-round gigs, mainly divided between Put-in-Bay, OH, and Key West, FL. For almost a decade, in fact, Dailey has sold out the approximately 40 concerts he plays annually. His yearly schedule is beefed up by almost 100 more bar shows. Despite his comical aversion for Buffett, Dailey has ended up with the nickname "the Jimmy Buffett of the North." ~ Source: CMT.COM

01 It's So Big
02 Nymphomaniac (Perfect Woman)
03 Biological Clock
04 Doobie And A Brew
05 My Puddin's Puttin' Out
06 Just How Drunk Are We Gonna Get
07 You Don't Have To Be Drunk
08 Raw Bars
09 Resident Rapper
10 Don't It Get You Right Here
11 I've Got To Be Drunk To Do That
12 Aphrodisiac (Oysters)

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