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Kermit Schafer - Best Of Pardon My Blooper Vol 1 1974

On: Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kermit Schafer
Birth name
Mar 24 1923 – Mar 08 1979 age 55
Official Site
Bloopers came into prominence in 1931, when radio announcer Harry Von Zell   mispronounced the name of then-President of the United States Herbert Hoover as "Hoobert Heever" on the air, but Schafer's is believed to be the first attempt at collecting and presenting them. Other similar famous finds of Schafer's include ABC correspondent Joel Daly intoning, "The rumor that the President would veto the bill is reported to have come from a high White Horse souse," and veteran radio host Paul Harvey breaking into uncontrollable laughter at a story about a pet poodle.
These were collected and released in LP audio collections such as Pardon My Blooper! and Your Slip is Showing, which were briefly popular in the 1960s. A movie version also entitled Pardon My Blooper was released in 1974. These led the way for such later TV shows as TV's Bloopers & Practical Jokes, hosted by Dick Clark. Schafer himself gained minor celebrity under the nickname "The Blooper Man".

Schafer has come under criticism from TV and radio historians who have noted his deceptive presentations in his albums. If Schafer could not obtain an actual audio recording of the event (as many of these bloopers occurred live and were not always transcribed onto recordings), he would simply hire actors and recreate the event — without offering any disclaimer. This led to some misrepresentations. For example, the blooper by Harry Von Zell described above was not recorded, so Schafer recreated it. Had Von Zell's mispronunciation occurred as the President was being introduced to an audience, as presented by Schafer, it would have been highly embarrassing. However, Von Zell's blooper occurred at the end of a brief presentation in honor of the President's birthday, which, while still embarrassing, was not quite as mortifyingly so as President Hoover was not present.

01 Hail to the Chief, News Time, Honeymooners, Next on Ed Sullivan, Bond Rally
02 Canada Calling, Cigar Commercial, Howdy Dowdy Kid Show, Gomer Pyle TV Show, Baseball Play-By-Play
03 Late News, Evening Melodies, Weather Forecaster, Mystery Hour, Late Election Returns
04 CBS Bowling, Johnny Carson, Larry King Interview, U.S. Army Recruitment, Golf Sportcast
05 White House Newscast, Giveaway Program, Rock 'n Roll Disc Jockey, Talk Show, Tea Time
06 Opera Broadcast, Governor's Conference, Adult Quiz Program, 7 Up Commercial, Commercial Cut-In
07 BBC Music Program, Astronauts, Tale of Two Cities, News & Sports, Million Dollar Movie
08 Al Hirt, Technical Difficulties, Funeral Parlor Commercial, Quiz Show, Movie Commercial
09 Country Western DJ, Alaskan Weatherman, Sound Effects Difficulties, Tomato Sauce Commercial, Miss Universe Pageant
10 Political Convention, Meat Market Special, Golf Award, Voting Day, Leave the Driving to Us
11 Quiz Contestant, Marian Anderson, Football Highlight

12 Academy Award, Lowell Thomas, Mission Impossible, Amateur Hour, Man on the Street
13 Baseball Rain-Out, Davy Crockett, Tennis Matches, Meet the Press
14 Local Elks Club News, National Anthem, Annual Farm Contest, Announcement for Nurses, Horse Racing
15 Births and Deaths, Restaurant Commercial, Concert Violinist, Station Break-Indiana, Bread Commercial
16 Tums Commercial, Professional Basketball, Cooking Show, Station Break-Texas, TV Guide
17 Kosygin at UN, Employment Service, Ex-Lax Commercial, Dog News Story, Dating Game
18 General De Gaulle, Uncle Fred's Kid Show, NCAA College Football, Emmy Awards, Country Fair
19 Football Summary, Children's Program, Wrestling Matches, Weather Girl
20 News from Russia, Sermonette, Boxing, What's My Line, U.S. Steel Hour

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