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Jerry Clower - Live At Dollywood 1977

On: Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jerry Clower
Howard Gerald Clower
Liberty, Mississippi USA
Sep 28 1926 – Aug 24 1998 age 71

Jerry Clower was quite simply the best. He was country when country wasn't cool, to borrow a phrase. Growing up in rural Mississippi in the 1930s and 40s, he collected the life experiences that would make up his hilarious, and oft-times heartwarming and nostalgic tales. Listen to Jerry talk about the Ledbetters (Uncle Versi and Aunt Pet, Marcel, Newgene, Claude, Clyde, Clovis, etc.), and you enter their backwoods Mississippi world, you own world (and the problems therein) temporarily well-lost. Get this record (and also "Greatest Hits", "Live at the Grand Ol' Opry", "On the Road", "Mouth of Mississippi" -- I could go on and on), and you will NOT regret it. Source: Amazon

01 Intro 0:19
02 Miss Flossie Ledbetter 2:16
03 Marcel For Congress 1:56
04 The Big Red Goat 2:04
05 Seein' Eye Dog 2:52
06 Odell's Puzzle 2:03
07 Big Time Fishin' 2:10
08 Brother Lucky 1:54
09 Part Time Vet 1:51
10 Do You Want Some Soup? 3:20
11 Have We Lost Our Mind? 1:03
12 World's Largest Bull 2:44
13 The Third Grade 1:31
14 A Best Friend 0:57
15 Revival At East Fork 1:43
16 Honor Your Father And Your Mother 1:52
17 Arletha Hogue 0:41
18 One Way Streets 0:36
19 Never Give Up

Country Storytellin' Humor
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