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Timothy Leary - Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out OST 1967

On: Thursday, November 17, 2011

Timothy Leary
Timothy Francis Leary
aka Dr Timothy Leary PhD
Oct 22 1920 - May 31 1996 age 75(1920-10-22)(1996-05-31)
The most famous Leary LP and rightly so, because it is a mind-blower from start to finish. The soundtrack to a film that had a few pre-screenings but never opened theatrically, it was obviously designed with LSD trippers in mind. Ralph Metzner takes on the head's role and is guided, instructed and occasionally ridiculed by an echo-laden Leary, while a ghostly female voice appears now and then to add to the confusion. Eerie, atonal acid music creeps in and out of the soundscape. This LP is neither the religious/psychological exploration of Leary's earlier works, nor the sociological commentary of the Pixie and ESP albums. It's as close to psychedelic art as he ever came, especially the spellbinding journey through "Genetic Memory" on side 2. Made at a time when Leary had become a world celebrity and the LSD revolution still looked like it might happen, this is a cornerstone in any LSD-oriented record collection. Not terribly hard to find as an original. Stereo is preferable. A vinyl reissue on the Performance label exists.
Note: this has the same title as the 1966 ESP LP, but the contents are completely different.
01 Turn On Tune In 
Drop Out 2:26
02 The Trip: The Turn On 2:20
03 The Trip: The Tune 3:37
04 The Trip: The Beginning of the Voyage (Heart Chakra) 3:51 
05 The Trip: Root Chakra 2:13
06 The Trip: All Girls Are Yours 4:29
07 The Trip: Freak-Out :33 
08 The Trip: Freak-Out (Continued) /Genetic Memory 7:17 
09 The Trip: Re-Entry (Nirvana) 3:12
10 The Trip: Epilogue (Turn On Tune In Drop Out) 2:54

Mercury 21131 (mono)/61131 (stereo)

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