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Tom Anderson - Here We Go Again 1964

On: Monday, November 21, 2011

Tom Anderson
Thomas Jefferson Anderson
Nov 10 1910 – Aug 30 2002 age 91
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This LP was put out on KEY Records, the label run by the John Birch Society.  I own several records on this label.  This right wing organization had a large following back in the 60’s, consisting mostly of independent businessmen and other “upright” citizens.  Their failing appeared to be a lack of willingness to take radical action to support their beliefs, leading to a drop in membership.  They still have chapters all over the US, but they are a shell of what they used to be.
Yes, there is no music here—you have to be able to pay attention and focus on what people are saying.  It’s pretty “tough” stuff and probably beyond the mental capacity of most of you shmoes.  I feel it is important to bring these old records back to light, as what is being spoken of on this LP reflects very much the type of talk I hear floating around today in various circles and a lot of what is said on these records actually came true later on.  This LP was recorded at the height of the John Birch Society’s power, during the midst of the Johnson administration.  Many people blame some of the policies set into motion during this presidency as being responsible for a lot of the destructive policies the US now suffers from—especially immigration.  Of course, I wasn’t there, but I tend to pay attention to what was going on around this time, as it appears that this was when things really began falling apart for us.  Plenty more vintage anti-Commie stuff where this came from. Source: glorifytheturd

01 Both Sides

Key records KLP-900
Radical Right Wing Dribble

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