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Carl Hurley - Sunny Side Up 2000

On: Saturday, November 12, 2011

Carl Hurley
aka: Carl Hurley, Ed.D
Laurel County, Kentucky USA
1941 -

"The other day I heard two people talking. One said, 'Are you happy?' The other said, 'Yes.' The first one said, 'Well, tell your face.'
"Don't we all know people we'd like to say that to? I'm not talking about people who have had something bad happen to them. They have a right to be sad. I'm talking about those who look like they have been weaned on pickle juice. I'm talking about those who look as if they smiled their face would crack into a thousand pieces.
"So, keep on a smiley face and keep your sunny side up. You and everyone around you will be happier. And the world will be just a little better for it. Remember, rain clouds come into all our lives, but we have a lot to say about which side of the cloud we live on."  ~Carl Hurley 

01 All Days Are Not Laughing Days 5:46
02 Joining Weight Watchers/Gonna Eat Something 7:26
03 Not Bothered by Temptation 1:54
04 Growing Up On A 45 Degree Angle  5:55
05 Talking to Telemarketers 9:19
06 60th Birthday Party/Taking a Mystery Tour/Big Game Hunger 4:37
07 What People Do and What They Say 6:26
08 My Wife's Hang-ups 2:50
09 Two Old Boys from East Bernstadt 3:32
10 I Love the Humor of Children/Preacher Trades for a Lawn Mower 6:03
11 Eldean and Uncle Arlo Get Cell Fones 6:30

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