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Laurel & Hardy - On The Air

On: Monday, November 21, 2011

Arthur Stanley Jefferson
aka Stan Laurel
aka Stan Jefferson

Jun 16 1890 – Feb 23 1965 age 74

Norvell Hardy
aka Oliver Hardyaka Oliver Norvell Hardy
aka O.N. Hardy
aka Oliver N Hardy (1910 census)

aka Babe
aka Babe Hardy
aka Ollie

Jan 18 1892 – Aug 07 1957 age 65

I watched "the boys" every chance I got when I was a boy. The chemistry they had on screen spilled into their personal lives, as they genuinely loved each other until their final days. I particularly liked when they broke through the fourth wall, and stared into the camera with an incredulous look - a take that always made me 1-laugh and 2-feel like I was in on the joke. Some tidbit from their Wiki page:
  • Laurel had a rich marital history. He had four wives and married one of them twice.
  • His phone number was listed in the telephone directory, and fans were amazed that they could dial the number and speak to Stan Laurel.
  • Just minutes away from death, Laurel told his nurse he would not mind going skiing right at that very moment. Somewhat taken aback, the nurse replied that she was not aware that he was a skier. "I'm not," said Laurel, "I'd rather be doing that than this!"

  • Oliver was known as “Babe” Hardy, a nickname that he was given by an Italian barber, who would apply talcum powder to Oliver’s cheeks and say, “nice-a-bab-y."

    01 On The Air

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