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Rodney Rude - Rodney Rude Live 1997 (Australia)

On: Friday, March 29, 2013

Rodney Rude
Rodney Malcolm Keft
  Jan 29 1943 -
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Rodney Rude has established himself as the Australian master of R-rated comedy. Rodney Rude has been performing to sell-out shows around Australia for the past 20 years.  With what seems to be endless amounts of gross-out jokes and foul humour, Rodney's latest show will feature his favourite characters Rodney Half Rude and Harry Muff.  And what would a Rodney Rude show be without the limerick?
Rodney Rude will croon many laughable limericks and the audience may even have the chance to sing some of their own limericks to Rodney.  'Abe Lincoln, John the Baptist and Bill Gates. I have a whole book of limericks from the Dalai Lama,' Rude said. 

01 Live At Di Di's 01
02 Live At Di Di's 02
03 Live At Di Di's 03
04 Live At Di Di's 04
05 Live At Di Di's 05
06 Live At Di Di's 06

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