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Professor Irwin Corey - I Feel More Like I Do Now Radio Promo 1982

On: Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Professor Irwin Corey
Irwin Corey
aka The World's Foremost Authority
Jul 29, 1914 -
In the Village Vanguard in the early 1940s a short maniacal man in long-tailed formal coat and sneakers – the coattails dragging out behind him on the floor – circles the room balefully, then stands for endless moments, maybe five whole minutes, gathering up his thoughts until he finally explodes with one single word: “However!”
This is followed by another sustained silence and then, at last, a burst, a torrent, a flood of unstoppable surreal interlingual jabberwocky that makes no sense at all and yet makes perfect sense in each rapid-fire contemptuous interlocking reference to people and events of the day and of many other days in the recent or ancient history of mankind. Not to mention womankind.
“‘However,’” Irwin Corey will say musingly some 65 years later. “I used to start any program with ‘However.’ A word my wife invented.”
So where did all that come from – the Corey-patented free-flow free-wheeling free-association ceaseless river-run of genius-touched pertinent gobbledygook?
“Nobody knows,” the Professor says gravely, and then, man to man: “Tell you something. I’m sure when you start a sentence you do not know where it will end.”  ~Full article   
01 In the Beginning
02 The Story of Passover or If Moses Had Turned Right
03 The Presidents
04 Dilettante, Not Detante
05 Leave Out the Budget Cutting
06 Borrow, Borrow
07 Chicago, the Windy City
08 The Scenario of Figaro 

09 Calm-Moonism
10 Are There Any More Stupid Questions

11 Lot's Salty Wife
12 Noah's Ark 
Gateway GSLP-8502
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World's Foremost Authority

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