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Fred Lane & Ron 'Pate's Debonairs - From The One That Cut You 1975

On: Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fred Lane
T. R. Reed
aka Tim Reed
aka Rev. Dr. Fred Lane

Ron 'Pate
Craig Nutt

Growing up in the suburban Midwest, I was always frustrated by the dearth of originality in the local music. The way I see it, when you’re rocking in Podunk you may as well do whatever the fuck your creative muse tells you to do. It’s not like aspiring to mainstream acceptance is going to get you anywhere. Move to LA or NY if you want to make it big. But if you are choosing to stay in some out of the way place, for chrissakes…do what you want. So I have always had a lot of respect for musical lunatics operating out in the middle of nowhere and very few are more loony than Fred Lane. Seriously. What we have here is a bizarre little record that swings like a mutant lounge act on acid from Tuscaloosa, Alabama circa 1978. Now before you go and think that I discovered this all by myself, let me add that this and Fred’s second album were re-released by Shimmy Disk in the late 1980s. That is where I first heard them and at first I thought it was a bunch of hipster Noo Yawkers. But then I found out the true story and it became all that much better. See Fred, was involved in some crazy act called the Pataphysical Revue in the mid 70′s and the Fred Lane alter ego was borne out of this. Then Fred went ahead and recorded his two solo albums and the rest is Last Days history. ~

From the One That Cut You was literally inspired by an illiterate threatening love note/confession from someone named “Fuear” that was wrapped around a knife that was found in a secret compartment in a 1952 Dodge truck. Reed wrote both a song and also a stage show based on the note for his Fred Lane character.
The note read:  “I hope the paine is gone. This is the one that cut you? P.S. Don’t wear about Jimmy I will take kear of him the same way I took kear of YOU.”
01 Fun In The Fundus 4:55
02 Danger Is My Beer 3:15
03 I Talk To My Haircut 3:30
04 From The One That Cut You 3:05
05 Rubber Room 6:37
06 Mystic Tune 6:22
07 Oatmeal 2:53
08 Meat Clamp Conduit 1:42
Fred Lane
Ron 'Pate

Jazz, Offbeat
Say Day-Bew Records
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