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Mike & Rose Warnke - Growing Up Warnke 1983

On: Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mike Warnke
Michael Alfred Warnke
 Evansville, Indiana USA
Nov 19 1946

Rose Warnke
aka Rose Hall
Official Site

Warnke released Higher Education - an awful looking record with his third wife, Rose, who offered little or nothing to the album other than her gaudy looking appearance on the cover. Warnke's wife was, by most accounts, a total nut who loved indulging in the wealth of the increasingly expanding Warnke empire. In 1985 Rose Hall Warnke wrote a book titled The Great Pretender in which she claimed that Spinal Tap was an actual bonafide "satanic rock group." It seemed she was far more susceptible to phoney Satanists than most.
Warnke's expanding success was now growing parallel with the enormous secular stand-up comedy boom so well associated with the nineteen eighties. As comedy clubs popped up all over North America, more and more Christians started trying their hand at a religious form of comedy. Christian comedy records were suddenly more common and Word's Myrrh outfit started releasing some new names - like Leon Patillo, a one-time member of Santana, and his LP of Classic Comedy & Liveable Lessons. Due to the over saturation of stand-up in the secular market at the time, most of those new Christian comedians now enjoy the same status that so many talentless secular comics of the eighties also maintain - that of the unemployed comedy nobody. Many, like Patillo however, are trolling in hackneyed genres more suited to their personalities. Patillo, whose 1986 comedy record featured such comedic tracks as 'My Salvation,' 'Elijah,' and 'Prayer' now touts himself as a motivational speaker who can "help Christians reach their income potential."
Warnke found himself making more money through this period than almost any other working comic religious or otherwise. Doing half stand-up - half sermon gave him license to pull something most comedians would never dream of doing at the end of their shows: ask the audience for money. At this point Mike Warnke was raking in donations for "Mike Warnke Ministries," something that is now acknowledged as having been a front. In 1985-86 Warnke Ministries made over 1.5 million dollars from donations (or "love offerings" as they called them) alone. They claimed that their ministry needed money to help operate their mission that would house runaways, recovering drug addicts, former Satanists and the like. All of which, of course, was untrue. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were also quickly used up by the crazy Rose Hall Warnke who according to a person in their employ, quoted in Selling Satan, would buy things like "100 pairs of cheap tennis shoes at Wal-Mart." Since Mike and his crazy wife were now registered as a charity they also enjoyed tax-exempt status for all that cash. -excerpt from wmfu

01 Enjoying Mental Illness 11:21
02 When I Grow Up 3:46
03 The Mountain Chainsaw  Massacre 11:15

04 Jesus Ads And The  Polyester Preacher 17:04

05 Who's Child Are You? 10:54

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