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Judy Tenuta - Attention, Butt Pirates And Lesbetarians, Live At The CSW Gay Pride Festival 1994

On: Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Judy Tenuta
Judy Tenuta
Nov 07 1956 -

Judy Tenuta is sassy...and probably an heir to Joan Rivers' title as the Chief Nasty of Comedy. But Judy has that girlish laughter behind her witticisms and outrageous stage act. This album, recorded at a Gay Festival several years ago plays to her audience's interests, predilections, and, of course, practices. A straight audience might go, "Huh?" and not catch all the references. But when Judy brings two guys (strangers) up to the stage and puts words into their mouths to say things that they never thought they would say out loud, in public, let alone perpetuated on CD, now that is comic. And it's not mean-spirited...playful and tinged with erotic glee. And the audience eats it up and whoops it up as well!
Some of the references are dated and, perhaps, unfortunately (such as her jokes about Siskel and Ebert). But that is due to unfortunate subsequent events. And we can all still chuckle fondly about two of our favored movie icons.
If you haven't heard Judy Tenuta, her voice is a cross between a Brooklyn Italian housewife and a boozed growl from Lauren Bacall, with a few snorts thrown in for good measure. Fortunately she never really sings, but attempts something the Germans call Sprechtstimme (or Sprechgesang). And the accordion -- her trademark -- is almost totally out of audio range.
So, suspend reality and prudery for an hour, and let the Goddess take you where you have never been (let alone never want to have been) before. Well worth the laughs and the snorts... Just leave your accordion in its case...

01 Attention: Butt Pirates & Lesbetarians
02 I Like Boys

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