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Andrew Dice Clay - Live, The Diceman Cometh 1989

On: Sunday, March 17, 2013

Andrew Dice Clay
Andrew Clay Silverstein
Sep 29 1957 -

I had not seen this DICEMAN video since the time it was on HBO! The fact that I remembered most of it shows how wild it was back in 1989! Sadly, many of the things that seemed funny back in those days would get most people fired from their jobs, sued, and blacklisted even if they told these jokes at a company party. Not surprisingly, DICE was sued and blacklisted by the National Organization for Women, which made a point of boycotting his shows and harassing any sponsors and advertisers of DICE. Thanks to the NOW setting the example, then DICE, Eddie Murphy, and others have been sued and harassed by various other groups when their comedy offended those folks. While DICE must have made a lot of money for the year or two that he was popular, you sure do not hear about him on TV at all, so he was effectively blacklisted. You also will probably never see this video on CABLE TV or any other mass forum. So if you want to see what comedy was before it became politically correct thanks to lawsuits and censorship, then you should buy this video. DICE was probably the last comedian who was truly a Neanderthal! ~Amazon customer

01 The Dice Man Cometh Intro
02 Dice's Past (Skits)
03 Welcome For Dice
04 Dice Up The Ass
05 Dice Does Rhymes And Poems
06 Dice Is Born
07 Dice Looks At TV
08 Dice Checks The Front Row
09 Dice Loses It
10 Dice Meets The Parents
11 Dice About The Penis
12 Dice Hates Magicians
13 Dice Cannot Be Nice
14 Dice Explains Bi-Sexual
15 Dice About Blacks
16 Dice Smokes
17 Dice And Doctors
18 Dice On Philadelphia
19 Dice On One Night Stands
20 Dice And His Fat Chick
21 Dice Does Impressions (End)
22 The Dice Man Cometh Outro

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