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Dayton Allen - Why Not! 1960

On: Friday, February 21, 2014

Dayton Allen
Dayton Allen Bolke
Sep 24 1919 - Nov 11 2004 age 85
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Steve Allen
Stephen Valentine Patrick William Allen
Dec 26 1921 - Oct 30 2000 age 78
Dayton Allen was a comedian and voice actor. He was one of the "men in the street" on the The Steve Allen Show. His catchphrase was "Why not, Bubbe?" (pronounced "whooooyyy not!")
Allen was the voice of various New York-based children's television show characters, appearing on Winky Dink and You as Mr. Bungle for five years, and playing "Phineas T. Bluster", "Flub-a-Dub", and various other puppet characters on Howdy Doody (as well as several "live" characters, including Ugly Sam and Pierre the Chef) for 4 years. Dayton was also the voice of Deputy Dawg, Heckle and Jeckle, Luno, and many early Terrytoons cartoon characters. He continued to be a voiceover performer through the 1990s.
He was best known as the "Why Not?" man when he joined the cast of the NBC Sunday night variety show that Allen began hosting to compete against Ed Sullivan on CBS. The catch-phrase began as a stalling ad-lib to an interview question; then it caught on. Allen used it for television commercials and saw novelty toys, a book and a record spinoff the "Why not?" phenomenon. In its day, fans were shouting "Why not?" as often as Mad Magazine's famous "What? Me Worry?"
His brother, Bradley Bolke, was also a voice actor best known as the voice of Chumley (Tennessee Tuxedo's walrus sidekick) on Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales, and the syndicated version of The Underdog Show. ~Wikipedia
01 Surgeon 5:70
02 Safari 2:25
03 Criminologist 3:08
04 Botanist 2:14
05 Hello Sickies 2:57
06 Squaw Valley Olympics 2:62
07 International TV 2:18
08 Congressman "Dudley" 2:07
09 General Zugsmith 3:02
10 Mailman 2:15
11 Salvador Dooley 2:19
Grand Award GA 33-424
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