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Eddie Harris - Reason Why I'm Talking S--t 1976

On: Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Eddie Harris
Birth name
Chicago, Illinois USA
Oct 20 1934 – Nov 05 1996 age 62
One wonders who talked Atlantic Records into issuing this offbeat LP, the jazz world's equivalent of the Elvis talking album. It's a compilation of Eddie Harris comedy monologues before sets at nightclubs in Minneapolis, Evanston, Milwaukee and Redondo Beach, with plenty of sex to go around. Actually, Eddie is pretty droll in his X-rated way, telling the audience what is really on their minds at nightclubs... Hard to find -- which is just as well. ~Allmusic

Eddie Harris alienated much of his audience with his album The Reason Why I'm Talking S--t, which consisted mainly of stand-up comedy. He was responsible for much of the music on the hit TV series, The Bill Cosby Show.
Harris came up with the idea of the reed trumpet, playing one for the first time at The Newport Jazz Festival of 1970 to mostly negative critical feedback. From 1970 to 1975, he experimented with new instruments of his own invention (the reed trumpet was a trumpet with a saxophone mouthpiece, the saxobone was a saxophone with a trombone mouthpiece, and the guitorgan was a combination of guitar and organ), with singing the blues, with jazz-rock (he recorded an album with Steve WinwoodJeff BeckAlbert LeeRic GrechZoot MoneyIan Paice and other rockers). He also started singing and to perform comic R&B numbers, such as "That is Why You're Overweight" and "Eddie Who?". ~ excerpts wikipedia

01 People Getting Ready To Go See Eddie Harris 8:14
02 What I'm Thinking Before I Start Playing 4:46
03 Are There Any Questions 10:22
04 The Reason Why I'm Talking 0:10
05 The Next Band - Music: Brother Soul Pt. 1 2:57
06 Ain't Shit Happening - Music: Brother Soul Pt. 2 4:04
07 Projects And High Rises - Music: Bee Bump 4:54
08 Singing And Straining - Music: The Aftermath 6:50
09 People Enjoying Themselves 4:00
10 Eddie Atlantic 1:38

Atlantic ‎– SD 18165
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