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Brother Dave Gardner - Very Best Of Brother Dave Gardner aka Live, Houston Texas 1969

On: Monday, February 17, 2014

Dave Gardner
David Gardner
aka Brother Dave Gardner
Jackson, Tennessee USA
Jun 11 1926 - Sep 22 1983 age 57

Track 1
Introduction by Gabe Tucker
What's Good & What's Bad
The President And The Candidates
What Minorities?
Yankees Headin' South
Southern Patience
Spiro Speaks
Gettin' Bored
Georges Gorilla's
Christmas Every Day
I'm More Ignorant
What's Intelligence
We'll Get America Back!


Track 2
When The Saints Go Marchin' In
Carnegie Hall & The Wildflower Flower
Willie & The Blackberry Pickers
Sue The Revenuers
Madeline Murray & The Supreme Court
Religions Of the World
White Silver Sands


Track 3

LSD Is A Bad Trip
Little Space People
You Can't Say "Colored"
Our New Citizens
The Chainsaw Story
Er Uh
School Of Ignorance
Follow The Light
Flynn's Good
Billy & The Hippies
Nortern Baptists & Southern Baptists
Stand Up For America
Antibellum Homes
The Motorcycle Story

Stand-up with a Southern bent & not PC at all! Plus Music
* * *
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Coward At The Alamo b/w You Are My Love (45) 1960
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