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Village Idiots - Village Idiots 1979

On: Monday, February 17, 2014

Mark Ganzel, Janice Fischer, Mert Rich, Robin Hunt
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Norma Macmillan, Bill Frenzer
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The Village Idiots were regulars on "Don Kirschner's Rock Concert" broadcasts. One of these four, Don Ganzel was Kirschner's son. The other three members: Janice Fischer, Robin Hunt and Mert Rich. 
If you've never heard of the Idiots or their self-titled 1979 album (LAFF A-208), you are not alone. Their material often crosses the line of humor to wallow in tackiness. An example is the French-accented waiter in "La Merde Gauche" who qualifies potential diners on seating preferences. Options: smoking, drinking, farting or fingering, in any combination.
A learn-to-doctor commercial features open heart vivisection. A "Big Sissies of America" PSA, with references to child molesting, is particularly offensive to the LGBT community. "White Blues" is a simulated scratched record with lyrics about the miseries of Caucasian life. The Shell Answer Man insults every questioner. ("Brought to you by the owners of the oldest shell game in the world.")
A political convention bit is too cacophonous to fathom. Faked "outtakes" are a litany of vulgarities. "Ugly Duckling" is a truly moronic spoof of kids show host/singers. The LP's centerpiece, "The Shecky Rimshot Story" is the bio of a failed burlesque comic who who drinks and dreams of happier early days, times that weren't all that great, either.
"Open Mike" is Mark and Mert rudely commenting about their relatives during a boisterous party. Mark shows a snapshot of his adopted Indonesian child, "Ahchoo." Weepy Robin talks about a film she was in; Janice publicly announces a vow of chastity. This nonsense screeches to a halt with a "no refunds" gag. They needed such a disclaimer. ~Amazon

01 Surprise! 2:50
02 Commercial #1 2:05
03 La Merde Gauche 4:00
04 Commercial #2 0:53
05 Passion and Cheesepuffs 5:20
06 Public Service 1:15
07 The Blues 2:20
08 Commercial #3 1:34
09 Convention 3:20
10 Out Takes 0:45

11 Tokyo Rose 0:55
12 Ugly Duckling 2:37
13 Public Service #2 0:56
14 The Shecky Rimshot Story 12:18
15 Open Mike 5:15
16 last Chance 0:33

Laff Records A-208
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