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Christopher Weeks - LBJ In the Catskills 1966

On: Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Christopher Weeks
Birth Name
aka Jack De Leon
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Dec 19 1924 - Oct 16 2006 age 81
Official Site

Fannie Flagg, Keren Liswood, Robert Weil, Diane Pane, Mal Lawrence, Patsy Shaw
Birth name
Official Site

After Allan Sherman's song parody album MY SON, THE FOLK SINGER became a surprise best seller, a number of less successful Jewish humor LPs followed. Released by Warner Brothers in 1966, LBJ IN THE CATSKILLS was one of the poorest of these.
Christopher Weeks (Jack De Leon) as LBJ
Fannie Flagg as Lady Bird
Keren Liswood as Lynda
Plus Robert Weil, Diane Pane, Mal Lawrence and Patsy Shaw 

1.) A klezmer band "Hail to the Chief" introduces this LP's premise: our President from down-home Texas meets Yiddish-accented Borscht Belt denizen. "Check In" raises some logistical tsuris. 2.) Robert McNamara's call to Lyndon gets routed by mistake to "Lindman," a typically koshah room guest. 3.) LBJ's dinner party of 109 are broken up and sent to "themed" tables. The Prez and Lady Bird sit with three couples and one mother-in-law. Lyndon reads the menu then gives Max the waiter his order. 4.) Features music from Dick Hyman's dance band. LBJ is taught to cha-cha-cha. 5.) The interpreter translates Lyndon's comment. 6.) LBJ's "with hot milk" order is misunderstood as "wit'out milk." 7.) The Ladies room has a Latin band. 8.) A popular Jewish noodle recipe Lady Bird is given ain't for kugel. 9.) Humphrey invites his boss to stay away another week.
1.) Members of the Jewish-American press set up jokes for Lyndon. 2.) A smooth resort Romeo tries to charm Lynda Bird while they dance. 3.) Comic Bobby K., tonight's featured act, is delayed in traffic. 4.) The old toll call trick. 5.) LBJ wins a "dance with a broom" talent contest. 6.) A special guest runway model. 7.) Myron's wife would rather chat on the phone with her husband than with Lyndon. 8.) Hotel manager arranges a ride for "Mrs. Schechter from da Bronx." 9.) The Johnsons leave with more than luggage-- they've acquired Yiddish accents and a penchant for singing "Hava Nagila." ~Amazon customer review

01 The Check In 3:15
02 Switched Calls 1:53
03 Dinner Time 4:03
04 The Dance Lesson 1:02
05 The Interpreter 1:07
06 At Breakfast 1:24
07 The Tour 0:51
08 The Recipe 0:34
09 Call from Hubert 0:57

10 Press Conference 4:00
11 Bernie and Lynda 2:47
12 In the Nightclub 3:05
13 Call for Luci 0:34
14 The Contest 1:38
15 Fashion Lecture 1:16
16 Here Speak to Lyndon 1:44
17 Room for One More 0:35
18 On the Way Home 1:27

Warner Brothers W-1662
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