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Rodney Rude - Rude Bastard 2001 (Australia)

On: Monday, July 8, 2013

Rodney Rude
Rodney Malcolm Keft
  Jan 29 1943 -
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Rodney Rude has outdone himself with "Rude Bastard"! I have a couple of Rodney's albums and they are all rude, crude, and thoroughly funny, but this one is just outstandingly hilarious. "Rude Bastard" is, in my opinion, another completely outrageous, insensitive, and ball-tearingly funny album by Rodney Rude. I also recommend Rude's latest album "Twice as Rude". Amazon customer
01 Arse Like An Anaconda Swallowing A Piglet
02 Heckler Gets Tattoo Of A Target Round His Arsehole
03 Rude Gets Raped By Lesbians With A Hunk Of Bong Hose
04 Nimbin Can't Tell Men From The Women, May As Well Root Everyone In The Arse
05 Don't You Hate Wearing A G-string Cause Half A Turd Goes On The Floor & Half In
06 Molly Has Stroke Now Can Only Suck Out Of One Side Of His Mouth Or Belmont High
07 I'm The Bloke Who Gets All The Roots Around Hexham
08 Homeless Blokes Revisited Homeless Bloke Takes Out Insurance On Plastic Bag Full
09 KFC Killed My Uncle
10 Ronald McDonald Doesn't Even Eat His Own Hamburgers
11 McDonalds Revisited "Are You The McManager"
12 Rude Tries To Act Young & Cool By Wearing Clothes Back To Front & Sing Limericks
13 Don't You Hate It When Your Dick Wakes Up Earlier Than You
14 Michael Jackson Dances Like A Duck On A Hotplate
15 Tom Price Miner
16 Libra Pads With Wings Also Have A Beak & Tail Feathers
17 Ya Hairy Hole
18 Rude Serious Rave About Limericks
19 Punter Sing Limericks With Rude
20 Answering Machine Messages Intro
21 Message "I Know You"
22 Message "Imbecile"
23 Message "Hornswoggler"
24 Message "Balls Caught In DVD Player"
25 Message "Dick Head"
26 Message "Psych Down"
27 Message "New Boyfriend"
28 Message "Hermaphrodite"
29 Message "Root A Welding Glove"
30 Message "I've Shot"
31 Message "Bruised Tongue"
32 Message "Office Manager"
33 Message "Piss Off"
34 Message "Arse Hairs Waxed"
35 Message "Ghost Of Sammy Sneed"
36 Message "Gee Gee Spot"

EMI Records Australia – 11887
His other material on this blog is HERE 
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