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Rodney Rude - Twice As Rude 2004 (Australia)

On: Friday, July 12, 2013

Rodney Rude
Rodney Malcolm Keft
  Jan 29 1943 -
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Rodney Rude's newest CD "Twice as Rude" would have to be his funniest in a long line of thoroughly funny RUDE CDs. I laughed from the moment I pressed play, to the moment it finished. In my opinion, no other Australian comic could boast such excellence in the field of live stand up comedy as Rodney Rude.
"Twice as Rude" is Rodney's 11th album. Some of my favourite tracks include "Rude wears jodhpurs with padded arse sewn in" and "Rude does embuggerment joke disguised as an insult". In these tracks he hangs crap on other people in true Rodney Rude form - and lets face it, what's not funny about that?! I would have to say, though, I absolutely p***ed myself in track 15 in the joke about the "Scoop" - but you'll have to get the CD yourself to understand what I'm talking about - I just couldn't do it justice!!
Rodney Rude's "Twice as Rude" provides fans with exactly what they want -- really rude, weird, and clever comedy that you can't play in front of your grandmother! Rude's new CD in my opinion shows Rodney's ongoing commitment to producing high quality products and satisfying fans with obnoxious, politically unsound, but funny-as-hell comedy. I also highly recommend "Rodney Rude Live: Vol 1" which was Rodney's first video (1984) and has just been re-released on DVD. If you are a Rude fan then you'll love this piece of classic Rude comedy.

01 Rude's Uncanny Insight Into Mars And Venus
02 Blokes Who Want To Become Eunuchs Or Pitiful Attempt By Rude To Get Lady's Underpants
03 Marcia Hines' Tit
04 Rude Wears Jodhpurs With Padded Arse Sewn In
05 Albino Indian's Red Dot Becomes Japanese Flag
06 Humidity In Rude's Arse Crack Identical To India's Climate
07 Rude's Greek Mate Is A Necrophiliac
08 Siamese Twin's Nose Joined To His Brother's Butt Hole
09 Heckler Carves Veins In Cucumber
10 Pavarotti Breaks Toilet
11 Rude Annihilates Pommie Heckler
12 Rude Does Embuggerment Joke Disguised As An Insult
13 Rude Plays The Mouth Trumpet (musical)
14 Rude Blows Fart Through Plastic Tube In Taxi
15 Rude Accuses McDonalds Of Using Undersized Chip Scoop, Then Challenges Them To Use His Huge Scoop: Rude Leaves Wearing His Scoop For An Olympic Bicycle Rider's Helmet
16 Hopoate Fingers Rude
17 Rude Heckles A Hunchback
18 Rude Starts To Resemble A Fruit Bat From Raiding Too Many Orchards (musical)
19 Bonus Answer Machine Messages Introduced By Rude
20 Answer Machine Message - Uncle Jack Off On Train
21 Answer Machine Message - Ounce Of Parsley
22 Answer Machine Message - Queer Eye Gives Polish
23 Answer Machine Message - Greenies And Chain Saws
24 Answer Machine Message - Kim Beazley's Air Force Jumpsuit
25 Answer Machine Message - Fido
26 Answer Machine Message - Boss Has Sex With Stubby Holder
27 Answer Machine Message - Baldy Feral Buys Bob Marley Wig
28 Answer Machine Message - Mr & Mrs Fucknuckle
29 Answer Machine Message - Helmet In Lady's Duffel Bag
30 Answer Machine Message - Davey Crockett Hat For Mask
31 Answer Machine Message - Rodney Treblecock
32 Answer Machine Message - Long Winded Convoluted Message
33 Answer Machine Message - Goo On Pelvic Bone
34 Answer Machine Message - Erect Windsock
35 Answer Machine Message - Talcum Powder In Aerobic Suit
36 Answer Machine Message - Boris Becker's Ginger Nuts (musical)      

EMI Records Australia – EMX.240660
His other material on this blog is HERE 
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