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Not The Nine O'Clock News - The Album 1980 (UK)

On: Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rowan Atkinson
Rowan Sebastian Atkinson
Jan 06 1955 -
Official Site

Pamela Stephenson
Pamela Helen Stephenson Connolly
Takapuna, Auckland,
New Zealand
Dec 04 1949 -
Official Site

Mel Smith
Melvin Kenneth Smith
Dec 03 1952 - Jul 19 2013 age 60
Official Site

Griff Rhys Jones
Griffith Rhys Jones
Nov 16 1953 -

01 Death Of A Princess
02 David Attenborough, David Bloody Attenborough
03 Confrontation Song
04 Airline Safety
05 National Wealth Beds
06  Simultaneous Translation
07 General Synod's Life Of Python
08 There's A Man (In Iran) That I Can't Resist
09 Closedown
10 Points Of View
11 That Bleeding Bloody Esther Bloody Effin Bloody Rantzen Woman
12 Stout Life
13 Gob On You
14 Gay Christian
15 Final Demands
16 Bouncing Song
17 American Express
18 Oh Bosanquet
19 I Believe

2 comments on "Not The Nine O'Clock News - The Album 1980 (UK)"

Harry Speakup said...

I have an mp3 rip of a cassette recording of the album, so many thanks for a decent copy. A classic over here in the UK...


captdry said...

a thousand thousand thanks! if anyone's interested, i found these links online's a video documentary about not the 9 oclock news. i've downloaded them and they work.

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