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Stiller & Meara - Laugh When You Like 1972

On: Friday, May 14, 2010

01 The Liberated Date 5:27
02 Dr. Fillman's Feet-Off Diet 3:41
03 Me Mrs Chou en Lai 2:57
04 Rhoda Blabbit from Hollywood 2:21
05 Regina Margaret Mulcahy, Middle American 5:15
06 Dr. Anne Fluthers and What's Your Problem 2:34
07 Hershey Horowitz Meets Mary Elizabeth Doyle 7:15
08 Dr. Fluthers and the Chocolate Problem 3:03
09 Mom, I Just Met This Girl and... 5:14
10 The Sensuous Telephone Show 4:55
11 More from Rhoda Blabbit 1:45

Thanks shifferbrains!


1 comments on "Stiller & Meara - Laugh When You Like 1972"

Media Funhouse said...

Terrific stuff, taped with no audience. Picks up where Nichols and May left off (with a more ethnic NYC edge).


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