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Credit where it's due

On: Monday, May 17, 2010

Quite a few links have been sent to me by blog readers who I acknowledge with a "thank you" in each post (sorry if I missed anyone!) I can't thank these folks enough for helping make this blog as interesting as it is and, with over 700 albums posted, a good reference source for budding comedians and seasoned writers. My thanks go out to previous and ongoing supporters: Dr Forrest's Cheeze Factory, cabbagefarts, daddio52, chocolatemilktooth, harryspeakup, kenpaul, dfinagle, Dan, Dwight C, HarryVan and Mike Weiss.

I'd like to offer special thanks to shifferbrains, who generously sent me quite a few vinyl LPs. I've ripped these myself and tagged them with a 'thank you' to him; you may want to compare these rips to those you already have, as the quality of most of his LPs is quite good. Look for more posts of his LPs in the weeks and months to come.


2 comments on "Credit where it's due"

Harry Speakup said...


I would like to repeat my thanks to you for all your hard work in updating this site, my frequent checks here are always rewarded with either something new, or better quality of something old.

Are the classic and contemporary sites now "closed" ?

And a big thanks to all those others listed in your credit.

HarrySpeakup (UK)

JimG said...

I've created a new post to see what the blog readers think. Let's see what happens. No responses, no interest, no blogs!
Thanks Harry, you've tweaked me into making a decision!

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